• How can I change my password?
    • Once you’re logged-in you can change your password and other options by clicking the Edit my profile option in the right upper corner menu.


  • I never received my leads this week?
    • Please check your spam folder, they may have been directed there.
      If they are not in your spam folder, click on the Contact Us page to contact us about the situation.
  • How can I obtain your leads?
    • There are 2 Ways:
      • Subscribe to one of our products
        • Subscribers have the ability to search the database for whichever county they are subscribed to and download their leads manually.
        • Subscribers will be emailed an MS Excel File of the leads that have been uploaded to the database over the last 7 days every Sunday morning.
        • Subscribers can edit their settings to where the products mailed to them every week reflect the search parameters set at the database.
      • Non-Subscribers Can Purchase Our Leads a la Carte
        • SearchableSellers provides the capability for non-subscribers to be able to search our database and be able to purchase their leads on a per lead basis.
  • Inaccuracies: (Mr. Mrs. Dr. Lee)
    • Unlike other research services, we employ both Human and machine processing to our data. One piece of that processing is we have our researchers assign titles to names (Dr., Mr. Mrs., etc.). Most of the time these titles are correct. However, while a machine cannot make accurate determinations on a person’s title and a person can, sometimes even the most skilled researchers make mistakes (e.g. Is “Lee” a Mr. or a Mrs., a first name or a last name?). For this reason, we highly recommend that whenever you get a new list from us, please take few minutes and review that list for inaccuracies as part of your regular “data washing” activity.