Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

By Matt Walker

Years ago, I listed a 3/2/2 located in a small suburban neighborhood.  It showed well and had a lot of foot traffic, but the property needed a little TLC, and that fact made offers slow to come.  One day, I received a phone call from a buyer who was interested in seeing the property that evening.  I will refer to her as “Buyer1”.  She asked if there were any pictures online that she could see before we scheduled a showing.  I directed her to the pictures stored online for the listing and she began thumbing through them.  When she came to the pictures of the kitchen, she started laughing.  “Are the cabinets really apple green?” Buyer1 chuckled.  She decided then and there that the house was not for her.  She said “Goodbye” and hung up.

A few hours later, I received a call from another woman wanting to schedule a showing that same evening as well.  I will refer to her as “Buyer2”.  We scheduled the showing for that evening at 7 PM after her husband had gotten off of work.  I arrived at the showing a few minutes early to turn on the lights, the ceiling fans, and to check to see if anything was out of place since the last showing.

Buyer2 and her husband arrived on time with their 2-year-old son.  I showed them the house and everything was going well.  As we approached the kitchen, I became a little nervous after having a potential buyer laugh at the color of the cabinets only a few hours earlier.  As we rounded the corner, Buyer2 said out loud excitedly, “Honey, look at the beautiful cabinets!”  As it turned out, Buyer2 loved the color of the cabinets.  We entered the kitchen and a few moments later I was showing them which switches activated which feature.  Just then their 2-year-old son began crawling through the lower cabinets.  At that point I had a great feeling about Buyer2.

Buyer2 and her husband closed on the property a few weeks later and, I believe, are still living in that house to this day.  Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.